Qualifications 1.Performers must be at least 3 years old   2. Competition is open to amateur and professional performers who are not signed to a major label 3.   All performers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian Scheduling 1. Performers may perform 2 songs per performance category or 8 minute. At 7 minutes and 30 seconds, a warning will be issued by Judges or other KCMA personnel. Points will be removed after 8 minutes, 6 seconds (see Penalty Section) 2. Once a category is entered, no changes can be made to any entries. There will be no exceptions made to this rule due to our scheduling. All entries are final once the KCMA office receives them. 3. All judges scores are final Penalties 1. Performers who exceed 8 minutes will be penalized as follows, 6 seconds = 2 points, 7 seconds = 3 points, 8 seconds = 4 points ect. Categories 1. Performers can enter under one style of music only with the exception of instrumental, vocal duo and/or vocal group artists. Example: Performers enter the “Male Vocalist of the Year” category must select one style to perform during their performance in competition, i.e. new/modern country. 2. Performers will not be allowed to compete against themselves. Example: Two performers entering as “Duo of the Year” may not team up with other performers and re-enter the same category under other assumed names 3. Performers may not crossover and perform in multiple categories. Example: An artist wishing to enter the competition as “Vocalist of the Year” under Traditional Country must perform this style in all other single performing categories, i.e. “Entertainer of the Year” etc. The exception to this rule is performers who enter under “Instrumentalist of the Year” Instrumentalist Duo of the Year”, “Vocal Duo of the Year”,  and “Vocal Group of the Year”. 4. “Instrumentalist of the Year “ or “Instrumental Duo of the Year” may play songs from either country, gospel or bluegrass styles. Bands are excluded from this rule. Background Music 1. Performers may choose to either use bands to back them or background accompaniment cassette tapes or CD’s. Selection numbers of performance songs on the CD’s and their proper order of play must be neatly written or typed on the CD jewel case or placed inside the plastic wrap. 2. All performers who enter as an “ individual performer will be judged by ONLY THEIR INDIVIDUAL performance, not the performance of the band behind them; nor the way they interact with the band since the band is not really there in the eyes of the judges. The performer should refrain from interacting with the band when entering as a vocalist, duo or entertainer, and the performer should be able to stand alone as a vocalist or entertainer without any interaction with the band. In order for a band to be judged they must enter as a “band”. This keeps the playing field level for all contestants. 3. All tapes must be properly cued. This means there should be no more than 2-4 songs for each performance category on one cassette tape in the order of performance 4. Performers are required to place 2 songs for each performance category on one cassette tape in the order of performance Acceptable Music Styles 1. Performers must perform either country, gospel or bluegrass whether the songs are original material (written by the artist or other songwriter) or commercially accepted songs with current or previous airplay in those markets. Artists must use careful discretion on determining what style their music falls under or risk penalty. Artists who choose songs outside the market or outside of any of these styles will be penalized.   KCMA Judge Qualifications 1.   Judges must not be a member of the KCMA 2. Judges are selected from a vast pool of qualified resources: radio and television personnel, songwriters, entertainment writers, music critics, record label reps, publishing reps, country, gospel or bluegrass fans, ect. 3. Judges who know contestants will be substituted during performance or songwriting judging. 4. Several alternate judges will be selected to relieve other judges during competition 5. Selected judges will meet with KCMA personnel prior to judging for guidelines and to ask questions Judges’ Performance Criteria Quality of Performance, Originality of performance/arrangement, Star Quality performance, Tightness of performance, Stage Presences, How well the material reflects country/gospel, Overall Rating of the contestant Judges’ Scoring System 6 points–Outstanding  5 points–Excellent  4–points Very Good  3 points–Good 2 points–Average 1 point – Below Average Awards Show Policy (READ VERY CAREFULLY) It is mandatory that all contestants MUST attend the KCMA Awards Show to receive their award. The KCMA is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced awards. The KCMA is not responsible for mailing awards that have not been cleared in writing or verbally with submitted postage and handling fees through the KCMA office. The only verbal permission accepted with is (1) personal illness, (2) death or illness in family – all other requests must be in writing no less than 30 days prior to competition! Awards can be mailed at $30 each. Songwriters Entry Guidelines 1. Songwriters may enter up to 2 entries per songwriting category 2. Songwriters may enter songs which have never won pervious KCMA competition 1st – 4th place 3. Songwriters must have tapes properly cued. This should place the position of the tape at the very beginning of the son 4. Songwriters may submit single songs on cassettes or CD’s but must either cue the tape to the starting position of the single son or indicate the selection number or location of the song on a CD 5. Songwriters must submit anonymous lyric sheets with their anonymously marked cassette tapes or CD’s for judging 6. Songwriters should fold an 8.5 x 11 vertically in half then wrap or tri-fold the lyric sheet and place it around the outside of the tape. The tape and lyric sheet may be bound together by a rubber band 7. Lyric sheets should be submitted with neatly written or typewritten lyrics 8. The songwriter’s identity will be unknown to the judges, who will judge the submissions using a numerical code. 9. Songwriters may submit as many styles as they wish for judging-they are excluded from the performer’s single music style rule 10. If a songwriter submits material co-written by other songwriters and the co-writers are to be credited during the Awards Show if designated as a winner a $ 20 entry fee is required for each co-writer Term and Conditions I/We understand that the KCMA Competition is a fair and ethical competition and will not hold the KCMA liable for any of my/our misinterpretations of this contract. I/We also understand that all entry fees are non-refundable. I/We agree to abide by all rules and regulations on this contract and will be automatically disqualified should the KCMA determine that I/we have breached the terms and conditions of this contract. I/We will not hold the KCMA, or any person taking an official part liable for injuries, theft, nor personal losses. Furthermore, I/we agree to abide by the KCMA Rules and Regulations for Competition and understand that I/we are accepting the terms of this agreement by affixing my/our signature. I, the signer of the contract, will act as agent and take full responsibility of my conduct or the conduct of the group, band, duo or child I represent. Performers and songwriters under the age of 18 are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian during the competition and a parent or legal guardian’s signature is required on this form.
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